Tenute Casoli

Tenute Casoli is placed in Irpinia, Avellino province, in the town of Candida, where the family Casoli has produced wines as Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi since decades. The cellar is in an ancient baronial palace recently restored, where you can find the shop, tasting rooms and areas for private events.

The winery tour is comprehensive of a tour in the plendid 18th century building that stands right in the center of the town of Candida, originally intended as a cellar.

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

The Pepe’s is an ancient Irpinia family, which for generations has been committed with dedication to the production of its wines.

The hard work by Angelo Pepe was appreciated by the former President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, who in 1998 appointed him "Knight of the Republic”. Today, Milena, the Cavaliere's eldest daughter - graduated in viticulture and enology in France and in marketing in Belgium – run the winery.

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is a synergistic activity consisting of: Cellar, Winery, Restaurant and bed-and-breakfast, surrounded by the green hills of Irpinia.


La Veduta restaurant offers tasting menus, an opportunity to try typical local products and dishes, paired to the cellar’s wines.

The restaurant is an old farmhouse located right on top of a hill and restored respecting its old identity. It overlooks the entire surrounding landscape and faces the hill of S. Angelo all'Esca.


The Antica Fattoria residence is placed among the rows of vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, and consists of two independent apartments, bright and panoramic, equipped with every comfort. Ideal place for a holiday to be spent in tranquility and relaxation.

Sorrentino Winery

From the experience of the family's ancestors in the 19th century ... the story continues and comes to life with the grandmother Benigna who as young rediscovered her passion for nature and for the vine growing.

It all starts with the management of the small estate owned by the grandmother. Paolo Sorrentino and his wife Angela inherited the family assets and recovered all the varieties preserved by their ancestors. They began a path of expansion of the wine business in the 90s and opened to wine tourism, opening the doors to tourists and wine lovers by tasting the history of the territory and its fruits.

Food and wine tours

At the foot of Vesuvius, in the town of Boscotrecase, the cellar was founded about 300 years ago where for five generations the legendary Lacryma Christi has been produced; in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park, the Sorrentino’s run 35 hectares of vineyards!

The terrace where grandparents used to have a frugal meal, today it is a welcoming and modern room that stands out on the Sorrento peninsula, Capri and Pompeii; the kitchen, stricly zero km, managed by mother Angela are the backstage of Vesuvius,the most admired natural spectacle ever!

Tenuta Mainardi

The siblings Marco, Luca and Giuseppe Serra has run since 1995 the winery in the Mainardi locality of Aquara, in the province of Salerno, just in the heart of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.

Third generation of the Serra’s, together with dad Domenico and mom Rocchina, the family has always shown a special touch for hospitality , by joining the tours with the Taberna, where Mamma Rocchina is the undisputed queen. The Taberna can accommodate a maximum of 20 people to ensure the highest quality and hospitality.

Wine Tour

The Wine Tours are a mix of experience in the cellar enriched by cooking classes by mamma Rocchina or delicious meal at the Taberna.

La Guardiense

The agricultural cooperative, one of the largest in Italy, was founded in 1960 by 33 farsighted and brave members, today it is made up of about a thousand members. Farmers who directly cultivate more than 1,500 hectares of vineyards located in the hills at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level, giving life on average to an annual production of about 200,000 quintals of grapes.

It pays great attention to environmental sustainability by using renewable energy for its production processes from its own innovative photovoltaic system.

It owns one of the most important sparkling wine plants in the South.

But numbers are not what make Guardiense meaningful. The winery, led by only three presidents in fifty years, has been able to adapt to the times and to markets, becoming a symbol of technological progress for the entire province and managing to combine experience and modernity.

Landscape, culture and entrainment are the base of the incoming activity at la Guardiense.

Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio is an iconic winery of Campania, placed in Irpinia, on the hills of Sorbo Serpico (AV).
The main gate opens on an river, spice gardens and blooming rose gardens.

The biggest surprise, however, is inside the cellar: the long barrel room.
The intent is to go beyond the average cellar, turning it into a forum, a place for meeting, laboratory of ideas and culture, a place of welcome and refreshment. The cellar was built by the Japanese architect Hikaru Mori. Massimo and Lella Vignelli, symbols of Italian design in the world and "authors" of the company's labels, designed the furnishing and interiors.

A part from wine tours and tastings, guests may also be accommodated at the restaurant, Marennà.

Aminea Winery

Aminea Winery was born in the heart of Irpinia, in Castelvetere sul Calore, at 750 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Tuoro with the Calore river downstream, a symbol of Irpinia, a land that has always been suited to viticulture.

Our company is female-run, two young sisters lead the company with passion and absolute dedication to the creation of wines, from production to sale. The products are the authentic expression of a territory that seems to have been born for viticulture.

Imma and Antonia Tortora are the fourth generation of a family that has been producing wine since 1890, according to rules and methods handed down and today combined with a modern approach, which sees solid continuity in the tradition of winemaking in sustainability and technological innovation.

In addition to the external winemaking and aging area, the company also has an area dedicated to sparkling wine.

Bosco de' Medici Wine Resort

Bosco De’ Medici was founded in 1996 in Pompeii, collecting an ancient winemaking tradition, like the people who lived in these places.

The estate runs eight hectares of vineyards, around Vesuvius, the active volcano, where some ungrafted prefIlloxera vines grow in a volcanic soil.

In 2017 Bosco de 'Medici Winery was founded. A place designed as a multifunctional "container" of activities ranging from production to hospitality.

The Palomba’s, with the aim of experimenting the culinary art of our territory, offers products from the Bosco De' Medici organic garden.
Some dishes take up ancient recipes, handed down from great-grandmother Colomba to grandmother Emiddia and then to grandchildren.

The tasting room and the vineyard is an area dedicated to the tasting and hospitality, that can be used both in winter and in summer, with a modern and rustic setting at the same time. Visitors, as part of the various variations of our "Tasting Pompeii Tour", are led by the staff (sommeliers and guides in the vineyard), to discover the secrets of the company's production and the thousand-year-old history of the Pompeian “chora”.

On the first floor of the building there is a comfortable room for "homemade events" and private events that also doubles as a bistro for the Bdm Resort and the Diana Hotel.


Pietreionne is a farmhouse in Benevento with a swimming pool for those looking for an exclusive experience of taste, nature and relaxation.

More the country house may host people in the large rooms overlooking the valley and an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a soft lawn.

There is also the possibility of organizing visits to the cellar and wine tastings as well as taking long walks in the vineyards to discover herbs and wild plants.

Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery

Experience our unique wines, born in the shadow of the volcano.

In our Lacryma Christi wines there is more than just grapes:

The land: visit our 16 hectares of vineyards, planted in the volcanic soil on the slopes of Vesuvius.

The people: here is Maurizio Russo, the youngest of this historic family of winemakers.

The work: see how our family has been working every day on these hills since 1930 to create a winery that combines the rigors of organic production with the warmth of Italian hospitality. We only produce a limited number of bottles per year, all sold directly from our wine shop.

We look to the future while remaining rooted to our past

In 1930 Giovanni Russo founded his small family winery on the volcanic slopes of Vesuvius.

At the time, wine was transported to Naples by horse-drawn carts, where small rural winemakers sold their wines to large merchants, who then supplied shops and restaurants around the city.

Giovanni's son, Maurizio, began working in the family business at a young age, starting as a humble field worker.

After years of work in the cellar, Maurizio decided to make a change: 18 years ago he opened his doors for visits and tastings, invested in improving the quality of the wines, and limited the distribution exclusively to the cellar.