Tenute Casoli

Tenute Casoli is placed in Irpinia, Avellino province, in the town of Candida, where the family Casoli has produced wines as Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi since decades. The cellar is in an ancient baronial palace recently restored, where you can find the shop, tasting rooms and areas for private events.

The winery tour is comprehensive of a tour in the plendid 18th century building that stands right in the center of the town of Candida, originally intended as a cellar.

Tenuta del Meriggio

By driving the road that leads to the estate, the view is amazing; this land known for millennia for the cultivation of the vine is home of Tenuta del Meriggio , with its modern cellar. Tenuta del Meriggio was born from the passion for the vineyards rather than for the unattainable wines that they produce in these places.

The modern cellar was built according to the principles of environmental sustainability: the production of sanitary and electric water is satisfied, during the day, by thermal and photovoltaic panels and the rainwater is stored in a small lake where filtered wastewater is also conveyed. The large vinification room is equipped with innovative systems and stainless steel containers, all temperature-controlled;

The barrel cellar was created in the underground part of the building, covered by a green roof and with humidity guaranteed by a wall kept constantly wet by the water that filters from the ground. These measures, together with silence and the absence of vibrations, allow the aging and storage of wines in large oak barrels and in fine tonneaux.

Sorrentino Winery

From the experience of the family's ancestors in the 19th century ... the story continues and comes to life with the grandmother Benigna who as young rediscovered her passion for nature and for the vine growing.

It all starts with the management of the small estate owned by the grandmother. Paolo Sorrentino and his wife Angela inherited the family assets and recovered all the varieties preserved by their ancestors. They began a path of expansion of the wine business in the 90s and opened to wine tourism, opening the doors to tourists and wine lovers by tasting the history of the territory and its fruits.

Food and wine tours

At the foot of Vesuvius, in the town of Boscotrecase, the cellar was founded about 300 years ago where for five generations the legendary Lacryma Christi has been produced; in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park, the Sorrentino’s run 35 hectares of vineyards!

The terrace where grandparents used to have a frugal meal, today it is a welcoming and modern room that stands out on the Sorrento peninsula, Capri and Pompeii; the kitchen, stricly zero km, managed by mother Angela are the backstage of Vesuvius,the most admired natural spectacle ever!

Cantine Simone Giacomo

Simone Giacomo winery is placed in Castelvenere, Benevento province, in the Northern edge of Campania region and was built according sustainable practices. The cellar is built on three floors, in order to move the wine by gravity instead of using pumps.

The installation of "photovoltaic trees" and the rainwater collection system allow the reduction of water and energy consumption.

With a large tasting room and a roof garden overlooking the hills around, the winery has large rooms for hosting tastings and parties.

Terredora Di Paolo

Terredora has leaded the wine business in Campania since 1978, introducing modern innovations in vinegrowing.

The winery and the estates are located on the hills of Irpinia, Avellino province, which surround the Sabato and Calore rivers, making Terredora, with its approximately 200 hectares, one of the major wineries in Southern Italy.

Terredora winery has an architecture that constantly seeks the functionality of work, even if there are moments in which these same spaces host events, melting together wine and human relations.

Tenuta Mainardi

The siblings Marco, Luca and Giuseppe Serra has run since 1995 the winery in the Mainardi locality of Aquara, in the province of Salerno, just in the heart of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.

Third generation of the Serra’s, together with dad Domenico and mom Rocchina, the family has always shown a special touch for hospitality , by joining the tours with the Taberna, where Mamma Rocchina is the undisputed queen. The Taberna can accommodate a maximum of 20 people to ensure the highest quality and hospitality.

Wine Tour

The Wine Tours are a mix of experience in the cellar enriched by cooking classes by mamma Rocchina or delicious meal at the Taberna.

Porto di Mola

Porto di Mola is set in a very particular area, on the slopes of Roccamonfina dead volcano and on the Appia Way. A magical place, rich in history, strongly vocated to wine production.

In fact, it stands near an ancient Roman trading port found in an archaeological excavation in 1992, which inspired the name of the company. In these regions, therefore, wine and oil were already transported in ancient times and this tradition lives on in the modern Port of Mola.

Cantina SanPaolo di Claudio Quarta

Perched on the apex of a hill, it takes its name from the district of San Paolo di Tufo, in Campania and looks at Torrioni, a small village of ancient agricultural traditions completely immersed in the green of the vines and woods populated by wolves ... A cellar literally straddling the two provinces of Avellino and Benevento, designed on three levels excavated on the slope of the hill to be completely integrated with the wonderful Irpinia landscape.

From its terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view of Sabato Valley: a succession of vineyards where the white grapes of Greco di Tufo Docg are produced, together with the Fiano di Avellino Docg and Aglianico.

Vini Marino

The Marino family has been cultivating for generations, in Agropoli, an authentic passion for wine, in full respect of nature and the rules it imposes, the only way to follow faithfully to achieve truly excellent results.

It was in the 1970s that Lorenzo Marino, a surveyor, following an innate vocation for viticulture, began the production of wines with fine grapes obtained from his own vineyards in Moio in Agropoli. Thus was born, in 1977, the Azienda Agricola Marino.

The Marino company is also synonymous with exquisite hospitality in the small villa owned by it located not far from the vineyards, in a quiet location. Set in an oasis of greenery, it enjoys a breathtaking view, overlooking the Bay of Trentova and the surrounding hills. It is the ideal solution for a relaxing holiday in Campania, just a few minutes' drive from the wonderful beaches of Cilento and the charming and lively Agropoli. There are 6 rooms furnished in a comfortable and familiar way, with breakfast service, they can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Fattoria La Rivolta

Love, passion, respect for the environment in which we all live.

This is Fattoria La Rivolta, a winery in the heart of Torrecuso, in the province of Benevento, North edge of Campania region.
Main estate grapes are white, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe, Fiano and Greco; then red grapes as Aglianico and Piedirosso.

The cellar is provided with the most modern equipment, divided into two structures, one for the winemaking process and the other, located inside the ancient farm, is the aging barrel hall.

A tour at Fattoria La Rivolta is an experience that merges nature, good food and wine.
The guided tour from the vineyard to the barrel hall covers all the stages of processing the grapes. The tour ends up with a wine tasting paired to local produces as sheep milk cheese and baked beans.

From Monday to Saturday upon reservation.