Tenuta del Meriggio

By driving the road that leads to the estate, the view is amazing; this land known for millennia for the cultivation of the vine is home of Tenuta del Meriggio , with its modern cellar. Tenuta del Meriggio was born from the passion for the vineyards rather than for the unattainable wines that they produce in these places.

The modern cellar was built according to the principles of environmental sustainability: the production of sanitary and electric water is satisfied, during the day, by thermal and photovoltaic panels and the rainwater is stored in a small lake where filtered wastewater is also conveyed. The large vinification room is equipped with innovative systems and stainless steel containers, all temperature-controlled;

The barrel cellar was created in the underground part of the building, covered by a green roof and with humidity guaranteed by a wall kept constantly wet by the water that filters from the ground. These measures, together with silence and the absence of vibrations, allow the aging and storage of wines in large oak barrels and in fine tonneaux.

Contrada Serra 79 81A, SP243, 136 - 83038 Montemiletto AV
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