The Mastroberardino family has been living the socio-cultural wine-growing context for over two centuries, based on the most reliable historical reconstructions.

The Mastroberardino’s first established in Irpinia in the mid-eighteenth century, when the family chose the village of Atripalda as their headquarters, where the ancient cellars are still located.

Ten generations later, the family is still running the estates, in spite of the ups and downs, as always happens in the stories of ancient family businesses.

A few kilometers away from the historic cellars, the Radici Resort is the center of corporate hospitality, with the tasting rooms, the Radici restaurant, the swimming pool, the spa for wine therapy, the rooms overlooking the vineyards and a golf course. golf.

Via Manfredi 75/81 - 83042 Atripalda, AV
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