Bosco de’ Medici Wine Resort

Bosco De’ Medici was founded in 1996 in Pompeii, collecting an ancient winemaking tradition, like the people who lived in these places.

The estate runs eight hectares of vineyards, around Vesuvius, the active volcano, where some ungrafted prefIlloxera vines grow in a volcanic soil.

In 2017 Bosco de ‘Medici Winery was founded. A place designed as a multifunctional “container” of activities ranging from production to hospitality.

The Palomba’s, with the aim of experimenting the culinary art of our territory, offers products from the Bosco De’ Medici organic garden.
Some dishes take up ancient recipes, handed down from great-grandmother Colomba to grandmother Emiddia and then to grandchildren.

The tasting room and the vineyard is an area dedicated to the tasting and hospitality, that can be used both in winter and in summer, with a modern and rustic setting at the same time. Visitors, as part of the various variations of our “Tasting Pompeii Tour”, are led by the staff (sommeliers and guides in the vineyard), to discover the secrets of the company’s production and the thousand-year-old history of the Pompeian “chora”.

On the first floor of the building there is a comfortable room for “homemade events” and private events that also doubles as a bistro for the Bdm Resort and the Diana Hotel.

Via Antonio Segni, 41 - 80045 Pompei (NA)
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